About Us


Who We Are
Helping the Homeless Colorado was founded in March of 2016 by three hardworking students with some help from our board president. Our board is made up of our president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. All of our board members feel very strongly about supporting the homeless in our community and are dedicated to our cause.


Mission and Vision Statements

Mission- Our mission is to provide care and homeless support to less fortunate without any boundaries through engaging a younger generation.
Vision- Hoping to see a time when no individual is struggling to have basic necessities and there is no fear in seeking out help.

Our organization, Helping the Homeless Colorado, is founded on the basic principal of trying to support the homeless in Colorado. Our approach includes three platforms educate, advocate, and alleviate. Our first platform is education which includes various forms of presentation and we try to specifically speak to the younger generation. Advocate as a platform comes from working with our local government on laws and regulations that surround the homeless. Lastly, comes alleviate which we are currently revampin. Stay posted for our updates on this very exciting new program.

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