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Helping the Homeless Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non -profit organization in Denver, CO. We urge every individual to join us in supporting the homeless. It is our biggest wish and highest aspiration to provoke a younger audience to support and help the less fortunate. Through that, we want to promote awareness about this pressing issue.

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Who We are

Our organization, Helping the Homeless Colorado, is founded on the basic principal of trying to support the homeless in Colorado. Our approach includes three platforms educate, advocate, and alleviate. Our first platform is education which includes various forms of presentation and we try to specifically speak to the younger generation. Advocate as a platform comes from working with our local government on laws and regulations that surround the homeless. Lastly, comes alleviate which we are currently revampin. Stay posted for our updates on this very exciting new program.


Our Three Pillars

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    This pillar addresses homelessness on a political level. At the core of the issue is a system of broken, failing, and often missing policies. Our advocacy aims to bring attention to homelessness in terms of supportive and proactive policies through engaging conversation.

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    This pillar is based on changing how the public views homelessness. Our programs put an emphasis on empowering youth and displaying the importance of youth participating in social changes. Whether it be in large auditoriums or small discussions, Helping the Homeless Colorado aims to challenge stereotypes common in our community.

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    This is our pillar dedicated to accessible resources for those who are actively struggling with homelessness. Our main focus being homeless youth, we introduced our College Awards Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to homeless high school youth in order to make higher level education more attainable.

People Behind the Scenes

Meet the Team!

Say hello to team that makes feeding, educating, and helping the homeless possible.

Alyssa Gorkin

CO-Founder and Executive Director

Matine Khalighi

CO-Founder and Executive Director

Ali Ginsburg

Executive Director

Educational Assistance


Helping the Homeless Colorado is honored to start it’s Scholarship Awards Program. This College Scholarship Awards Program is designed to highlight the incredible potential of Colorado’s young people as well as the challenges which prevent too many of them from succeeding. Helping the Homeless Colorado awards at least 5, $1,000 scholarships to college-bound Colorado public high school seniors who have shown incredible performance in high school by succeeding in school despite daunting obstacles.

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